Oct 25 2014

Well we would like to ask all of our fans to send some prayers out to  our bass player Andy Garcia. He has had complications that are life threatening.  Thanks Everyone !

July 19 2014

We've had some great tunes recorded, trashed, then re-recorded. It is taking longer than planned for this next project come together, but we're gettin' close. Stay Tuned


1. You Stopped My Heart  

2. Fifteen Years Ago
3. I Don't Think Ya Do               
4. Suitcase Full Of Tears
5. Neon Nights
6. On The Outside Looking In
7. Boggy Creek
8. Roadhouse Boogie

9. Why Not

10. With You

11. Yourself To Blame

12. The Back Of My

13. Let's Swing

14. What Can I Take