1. You Stopped My Heart  

2. Fifteen Years Ago
3. I Don't Think Ya Do               
4. Suitcase Full Of Tears
5. Neon Nights
6. On The Outside Looking In
7. Boggy Creek
8. Roadhouse Boogie

9. Why Not

10. With You

11. Yourself To Blame

12. The Back Of My Mind

13. Let's Swing

14. What Can I Take


Mylinks profile page

March 2019 

    Wow already way past the new year and into the first week of March. Time sure flies when your having fun. We are looking forward to seeing everyone, this year we are playing more in the corporate venues but still enjoying our little Honky Tonk gigs. If you’dlik To see us in your area, please feel free to shoot us some info of were and who we can contact to try and make that happen until then we’ll see ya on the flip side. 

​ By the way we are working on new music, and hope to have it for you soon. Peace everyone.