Nov  2014

We would like thank everyone that sent well wishes for Andy and to his family. He is resting now in a much better place. 

R.I.P. Andy Garcia


Aug 2015

We've had some additions to the band. Mike Brienza has taken over on Bass guitarfor Andy. Most recently, Chance Hester has come in as our new drummer. Check out our live shows at a town near you!!


1. You Stopped My Heart  

2. Fifteen Years Ago
3. I Don't Think Ya Do               
4. Suitcase Full Of Tears
5. Neon Nights
6. On The Outside Looking In
7. Boggy Creek
8. Roadhouse Boogie

9. Why Not

10. With You

11. Yourself To Blame

12. The Back Of My

13. Let's Swing

14. What Can I Take