Take a part of the old west, some riding and
roping, with a little bit of Southern hospitality, then mix in some country
living and you have the makings for one to be a natural country music
entertainer. Wash this all down with a little firewater and you have Craig
Wise. A man with a taste for tradition, along with his unique talent, now add
the sounds of today’s modern country music and you have Boggy Creek.

Wise is the main performer for Boggy Creek. He is paired up with some of today’s
top musicians in country music. Their mixing all the right ingredients together
for a recipe of success in today’s country music. Watch for Boggy Creek to be
in a town near you, and don’t forget you might find yourself on stage and in
the spotlight with them as well. 


Wilder Day's -March 2017

In the studio recording now

​comeing soon 2017


Fact Sheet 

6504 Bayamon Ln Orlando, FL. 32810

(321) 202-5271

Formed: Orlando, FL. 2000


Craig Wise                

Lead & Harmony Vocal, Rhythm Guitar

Pete Madison            

Lead Guitar

Mike Breinza             

Bass Guitar

Bill Poston                

Keyboards Harmony Vocals

Mark Wallace             

Drums Harmony Vocals  


CD / Title:

Back Into The Swamp           Release   Jan 3, 2010  


Contemporary Country Demographics:

16 to 54. Songs cross over between traditional country, rock and blues.


Song Let’s Swing won four days in a row on 93.1 Showdown in Kro-town                

Micro toured southeast region for 3 months in each year from 2011 to currently in 2016.  

Press Review: “A definite musical force on stage that demands to be heard. Their shows can be summed up in one word: FUN” Pete Michaels, WKRO 93.1 Kro Countrty